Why choose prebuilt homes?

Maybe you are wondering if a prebuilt (pre built) home that has been produced on a production line can offer the same quality as a home crafted by craftsmen and women right there on the construction site. The long answer is that this of course depends upon the professionals that makes the home for you and the short answer is yes, it can.

It is nothing strange that new and more efficient ways to do things are explored and found. People have been doing this from the beginning of time and as always, some people will be skeptical towards it. We have accepted that cars are produced in factories, but we tend to think that pre built, also called prefab or prefabricated houses is something new, when in fact it has been done as far back as the in the roman empire. The techniques however have come far since then, to say the least.

panel built home construction

The most obvious advantages of prebuilt homes

Their construction cost is usually lower and the waste material is usually less, so it might cost you around 10-20% less than a site-built home. This is due to the fact that material is being bought in bulk, the work is done in a factory under controlled conditions with no added travel cost for the workers and in addition the left over material may be used in another production.

Production time is shorter and hence also the time it takes from start to finish. This is due to the fact that many of the production processes may run in parallel, the builders have better tools at hand and the building is done in a controlled environment and not exposed to for instance weather conditions.

Your prebuilt home has to meet the exact same building codes and standards as a site-built home so it is as sturdy and secure as any regular house. In fact they are increasingly known for being superior in quality and has resisted hurricanes better than traditionally built homes. Perhaps because they have been initially made to be stronger so that they can withstand the transport from the factory to the final location. Prefabricated homes may be adapted to your needs and does not look any different than any a site-built home. You may also rest assured that it has exactly the same re-sale value as a stick-built home.

A prebuilt home may be a modular home, pre-cut (also called packed, kit home, panelized or a panel built home), what-ever term you prefer it is not the same and should by no means be confused with manufactured homes. See the definitions here.

Things to keep in mind when choosing a prebuilt home

As with site-built homes you have to make sure that you have quotes and the professionals responsible for all the different parts of the process, from start to finish, and hence reduce the possibility of unpleasant financial surprises, or worse still that the progress of you house is being paralyzed due to one part of the preparation not being completed.

Some or all of the following may or may not be included in the price of the prefabricated house:

  • Preparation of the site where the house will be put, this includes the access (roads etc) to the site, preparation of foundation etc.
  • Connection to sewage, water, electricity etc.
  • The actual assembly of the house.
  • Appliances.
  • You may also need the finishing touches of an electrician, plumber or other professional before moving in.

All this is a mouthful for most of us, and if you do not know what you are doing you are better off contracting a residential builder and let he or she take care of all the steps involved. This is not where you want to learn the skills as you go, trust us.

There are different roads you could take: you could contract all the services from one company and let them take care of everything for you. This way you only have only to relate to one company or person, and not to all of the companies involved.

You could take care of all the coordination yourself and contract the different jobs yourself, preparing of the site, the assembling of it, the finishing touches etc, but that too is hard work and would actually drive most of us over the edge as there are tons of details to attend to and decisions to be made. But if you like to get your hands dirty you may want to get more involved. Be prepared thought because the this business also have its own terminology and you may not understand it fully, and that may lead to expensive mistakes.

And last, but not least a prebuilt home does not have to be built of wood, it can be of steel or concrete too. Or any other material for that matter as long as you find a manufacturer that delivers homes it that particular material.