Where to buy a yurt

This is the most extensive list of yurt makers and manufacturers across USA and Canada. Click on the pin markers on the map to see which provider is the closest to you.

​The blue pins shows yurt makers based in Canada and the green diamond shapes shows manufacturers of yurt shaped cabins.

Under the map you will find the complete list of providers sorted according to the region they are in, USA first and then Canada. At the very bottom you will find yurt makers in Europe. These are not marked on the map.

If  you haven't already you should read our article on how to buy a yurt.

West Coast

Rainier Yurts

Rainier Yurts is no newcomer in the tent making business. The company started out making canvas tents back in 1896 and actually made tents for the American troops during world war II. The company is environmentally conscious and their yurts are quite expensive, but then their yurts are top notch.

Rainier is renowned for their excellent customer service and they have an ISO certification for Environmental Management system (the ISO 14001). Rainier Yurts publishes a free yurt floor plan on their Facebook page every Friday.

Located in Tukwila, Washington D.C.

Address: 18375 Olympic Ave S, Tukwila, WA 98188. USA

Phone: 1-800-869-7162

Website: http://www.rainier.com/yurts

Pacific Yurts

Another high end yurt company, with an excellent product and an excellent customer service to support that. Pacific Yurts is often referred to as the company that fathered the modern American adaptation of the yurt. It was founded in 1978 and it is a very environmentally friendly company.

The company goes to great length in its compromise using green energy, wood from sustainable forests and using manual tasks where that is more ecological than other faster methods might have been used.

Do you live in an area with heavy snow? The Pacific Yurts can hold up to 100 pounds of snow pr sqf. (psf). Is your area one for heavy winds? Well, these yurts can withstand up to 142 miles pr hour.

Address: 77456 OR-99, Cottage Grove, OR 97424, USA

Toll Free Phone: 1-800-944-0240

Website: www.yurts.com

Colorado yurts

Located in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. The company was founded by Dan and Emma Kigar who made their first tipi for them selves as a permanent living space in 1976. Colorado yurts offer yurts, tipis and tents. Colorado yurts can be upgraded to withstand heavier snow loads and stronger winds.

Address: 28 W. South 4th St. Montrose, CO 81401

Phone: 800-288-31908

Website: http:∕∕coloradoyurt.com

Freedom Yurt Cabins

Freedom Yurt Cabins is not your usual yurt, it is actually just as the name implies more like a yurt shaped cabin. That means that the walls and the roof are rigid and made of pine. The cabins are rather small. The biggest one, as far as we could see, is the 5’ diameter. Probably a good fit for a hunting or fishing cabin or similar.

Address: 16724 E 2nd St. Aurora, CO

Phone: 303-344-049

Website: http://freedomyurtcabins.com

Shelter designs

In the hash climate of Montana is where Hays Daniel and Vince Godby developed and still builds their yurts. They started out in 1999 when they had a need for shelter themselves. But the word of mouth traveled and the snow ball started rolling until they found themselves with a company making yurts. Shelter designs offers an Arctic insulation option if you have cold and hard winters in your area.

Make an appointment to see their yurts.

Address: 101 N. Johnson St, Missoula, MT 59801

Phone: 406-721-9878

Website: http://www.shelterdesigns.net

Fortress Yurt

A company that according to their website have been in business for over 25 years. They also claim to be the first yurt company to install real glass windows in their yurts, they also offer to install wood interior walls in the yurt. The company used to be Spirit Mountain Yurts and was located in Montana, before they changed name and moved to New Mexico. The company does not have the best reviews on line.

Address: 1335 Paseo Del Pueblo Sur #269, Taos, NM 87571

Phone: 505-757-2547

Website: http:∕∕fortressyurts.com

Nomad Shelter Inc

A small firm, founded by Lee and Jess Tenhoff. The couple have lived in and worked with yurts since 1987. They are located in Alaska and they offer strong, durable and warm yurts. Alaska has pretty tough winters so if it their yurts are warm there, they should be warm most places. The company is known for being trustworthy with good products and with a good after sales service, despite the company's small size.

Address: 331 Sterling Highway, Homer Alaska

Phone: 907-235-0132

Website: www.nomadshelter.com

California Yurts

Another business that builds solid wall yurt-like constructions. The business was founded and is run by David Raitt and Rob Goodfellow. They have been building yurts shaped structures since 1984, and honestly their website looks like it is from 1984. It is literally a bunch of documents that has been scanned and uploaded, so as you can imagine, the information is not easily found.

Address: 2101 Wellmar Dr, Ukiah, CA 95482

Phone: 707-468-0876

Website: http://www.californiayurts.com

Email: cayurt@yahoo.com

Smiling Woods yurts

This is a company that also makes yurt inspired structures with wooden walls. They offer kits of yurts up to 41'. Smiling Woods Yurts is based in Twisp, Washington, and is owned and run by Michael Villard, and his sons. They have been building yurts for over 25 years.

Address: 34 Bond Ln, Twisp, WA 98856, USA

Phone: 509-560-4424 or 509-997-2181

Website: www.smilingwoodsyurts.com

Yurts of hawaii

Founded by Melissa Fletcher who was looking for a housing option for herself when she came across yurts. One thing led to another and now Yurts of Hawaii is the re-seller of Colorado Yurt Company in Hawaii. Melissa will help your through the whole process. She will help you get the permits in order, she will be placing the order of the yurt, adapting it to your needs, arrange for plumbing, electrical etc etc.

Yurts of Hawaii has outstanding customer reviews.

Across from mile marker 23, Highway 11, Volcano, Hawaii 96785

Phone: +1 808-968-1483

Website: http://www.yurtsofhawaii.com

Email: yurtshawaii@gmail.com

Ohana Yurts

The company was founded to provide yurts to an eco-village and has since then been making yurts on Hawaii. In 2014 the company was featured in the TV-show Tiny House, Big Living.

Address: 58-121 Kaunala St. Haleiwa, Hawaii 96712

Phone: 808-256-0559

Website: http://ohanayurts.com

Light Feet yurts

A company that focuses on using eco friendly materials. The yurts are handcrafted using recycled vinyl canvas. They have been building yurts since 1995 and it is a small two person company that makes one yurt at a time.

Ron Trout is the manager.

Address: Box 1935 Twain Harte, Ca. 95383

Phone: 209-586-1250 Ask for Ron

Website: http://lightfeetyurts.com

Suntime Yurts

Company based in Seattle that imports yurts from Mongolia. Suntime Yurts has the capacity to take and deliver about 12 traditional Mongolian yurts a year.

Address: PO Box 961, Leavenworth, WA 98826, USA

Website: www.suntimeyurts.com

Email: suntimeyurts@gmail.com

Camping Yurts.com

A family business founded by Richard and Alicia Waters. They learned the craft in England and have been making yurts mainly for camping since 2009.

Address: PO Box 1, Summer Lake, OR 97640

Phone: 541-410-1630

Website: campingyurts.com


A business that makes different types of fabric buildings, mainly markedet towards events and such. Probably not the best option if what you want is a yurt for permanent living.

Address: WeatherPort Shelter Systems, 1860 1600 Road, Delta, CO 81416, USA

Email: info@weatherport.com

Phone: +1-970-399-5909

Website: www.weatherport.com


This is a company that imports metal framed yurts. It seems to be based in Seattle, but we have not been able to find an address or better contact details than the ones below.

Email: rod@yurtlocker.com

Website: www.yurtlocker.com


Yurts of America

A company led by Ken Lawrence and Jerry E. Ritchie. Ken Lawrence found his passion for yurts in 1989. You can request Yurts of America for their engineering data sheet if you need to know how their yurts withstand strong winds and heavy snow.

Address: 4375 Sellers Street, Indianapolis IN 46226

Phone: 317-377-9878

Website: www.yurtsofamerica.com


White Mountain yurts

This firm is run by the Desrochers family and it is located in East Wakefield, New Hampshire. We have heard good things about their wood work.

The Desrochers Family

Address: East Wakefield, New Hampshire

Phone: 603-396-9222

Website: www.whitemountainyurts.com

Surely Yurts

By Steve Reed. Like many of the smaller yurt builders, Surely Yurts builds their yurts to order. We have only read and heard good things about Surely Yurts.

Address: PO Box 29, Taberg, New York, 13471

Phone: 802-730 - 4519

Website: http://surelyyurts.com

Adirondack Yurts

Another company that makes yurt inspired structures. These buildings have rigid wood walls that tilts slight outwards, giving the structure kind of the shape of an upside down pentagon. The company is run by Paul Herbold and is located in the state of New York.

Address: 226 Priest Rd in Adirondack, NY

Phone: 518-293-7769


Email: adirondackyurts@gmail.com

Falls Brook Yurts

A camping where you can try out yurt living, before you buy or build your own.

Address: Minerva, New York, Adirondacks

Phone 518-761-6187


Reservations: info@fallsbrookyurts.com

Clean Air Yurts

A very ecologically conscious company company that makes lightweight yurts known to be very portable and good for camping and such.

Address: 30 Crispell Ln, New Paltz, NY 12561, USA

Phone: +1 845-384-2994

Website: http://cleanairyurts.com

Traders of Tamerlane

We did not find information on who is behind the company or any customer feedback on them. Their yurts seems to be of the kind appropriate for fairs.

Address: Ewing, NJ

Phone: 609-403-0241

Website: http://www.tradersoftamerlane.com/

Email: contact@tradersoftamerlane.com

Two Girls Farm & Yurts

A company started in 2002. It is owned and operated by Ken Gagnon, Lucy Marsh, Laurel Islen, and Hans Mayer. They are based in Acworth, NH. They make traditional turkic also called bentwood yurts. They deliver within New England to Vermont, New Hampshire,western Massachusetts, and southern Maine.

Address: Quaker City Rd, Acworth, NH 03601

Phone: 603-499-2568


Email: ken@twogirlsfarm.org


Blue Ridge Yurts

A small company founded by the duo Kathy Anderson and Sharon Morley. They started making yurts in 2005. This is also a company that takes well care of their customers. Blue Ridge Yurts is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains in VA.

Address: 369 Parkway Lane South, Floyd, VA 24091

Phone: 540-745-7458


Emails: kathy@blueridgeyurts.com and sharon@blueridgeyurts.com

Red sky shelters

The business was started in 1995 by Peter Belt and it is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Red sky shelters is dedicated to canvas living structures that they call Yome. A yome is somewhat shaped like a yurt, but instead of a lattice wall, the wall is made of several triangles, more like a geodesic dome. The structure is lighter and more portable than a yurt, but still very strong.

Address: 2002 Riverside Dr. 42h, Asheville NC 28804

Phone: 828-258-8417

Website: http:∕∕redskyshelters@gmail.com

Asheville Yurt Company

One of the younger businesses. It was founded in 2010 in Ashville North Carolina. What Asheville Yurt Company is building is yurt shaped structures of wood.

Address: Asheville, North Carolina 28801

Phone: 828-777-5433

Website: http:∕∕www.ashevilleyurt.com

Email: ashevilleyurtcompany@gmail.com

Laurel Nest Yurts

A family business run mostly by Hal. The company has great customer reviews. The website is full of broken links and missing pictures, but still there are useful information to be found.

Address: 49 Watagnee Trail, Horse Shoe, NC 28742

Phone: +1 877-326-9878

Website: http://www.laurelnestyurts.com

In Canada

Groovyyurts Inc.

A Canadian based company that imports authentic Mongolian yurts from Europe and USA. On their website they say that they plant 25 trees for every yurt sold.

Address: 5247 Blvd Lasalle, Montréal, Québec

Canada H4H 1P1 (office only- no showroom at this address)

Phone: 1 888 GROOVYY or locally 514-578-5008

Website: http://www.groovyyurts.com

E-mail info@groovyyurts.com

Yurtz by Design

This is a business based in Surrey, British Columbia in Canada. The company is commited to sustainable environmental practices.

Address: 20673 Langley Bypass, Langley, BC V3A 5E8, Canada

Phone: +1 855-576-9878 OR 604-576-9878

Website: http://www.yurtzbydesign.com

Email: info@yurtzbydesign.com


This is a company based in Ontario, Canada. It is run by Patrick Ladisa, Marcin Padlewski and Anissa Szeto who have been making yurts since 2004.

Address: W2378 Concession Rd 6, Pickering, ON L0H 1H0

Phone: +1 905-831-0418  Toll free +1 877-807-5008

Website: http://yurta.ca


Mongolian Yurt Company

UK based company importers of artisan yurts from Mongolia. The yurts are authentic and traditional in making and look and feel. Their website however, is not a beautiful sight and it does not offer much information.

Website: http:∕∕www.themongolianyurtcompany.com


UK based company, in Somerset that makes Mongolian yurts. The yurts are made of locally sourced materials.

Phone: +44 (0)1749 899521

Website: http://www.hearthworks.co.uk

Yurt Workshop

A European yurt builder with bases in Spain and UK. The business is owned and run by Rob & Ratna Matthews and was established in 2004. They adapt the yurts for the European climate.




Skype ID: drtwiggy

UK Inquiries: 0208 123 6241

European Inquiries: +34 958 768 806

Mongol Yurt

A ccompany based in Cataluña, Spain that makes traditional Mongolian yurts.

Website: http://www.yurtamongol.es


A ccompany based in Cataluña, Spain that makes traditional Mongolian yurts for sale and rent.

Website: http://www.tipis.es/

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