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Big living in yurts
If you are considering a yurt for permanent living, chances are that you are part of the downsizing movement that[...]
How much are yurts
Obviously this is a question as easy to answer as “how much does a car cost?” or “how much does[...]
Where to buy a yurt
This is the most extensive list of yurt makers and manufacturers across USA and Canada. Click on the pin markers[...]
All the information you need on how to build a yurt
So, not only do you now know what yurts are you have even decided that you want to build your[...]
How to buy a yurt
First and foremost you should of course have a clear idea of the purpose of your yurt and know what[...]
What are yurts
Yurts have become a popluar way in west for people who wants to downsize and go tiny. These traditional tent-like[...]
How to buy a small log cabin kit
We don't all need a big mansion. In fact many of us prefer smaller, more affordable and easier maintainable houses.[...]
Why would anyone want a steel home?
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Modular home and modular home floor plans
Signature Building Systems facilities A modular home is a home that has been built in a factory facility under controlled[...]
The style of modern houses
The term “modern houses” is used to describe a certain style within architecture. More specifically the clean cut designs that[...]
Design your own house
Nowadays it does not occur to people that you can design your own house. Many actually thinks that it is[...]
How to Buy Land for Building a Home
Buying vacant land and building your own home would not only expose you to how the real estate industry works,[...]
How to build your own home
Humans, as most of the other creatures on earth, have a need for shelter. While the other creatures just go[...]
How to build a shipping container home
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Why you should build a tiny house
What a tiny house is, depends on the eye of the beholder. In other words, your background and your expectations[...]
Why choose prebuilt homes?
Maybe you are wondering if a prebuilt (pre built) home that has been produced on a production line can offer[...]