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Big living in yurts
If you are considering a yurt for permanent living, chances are that you are part of the downsizing movement that[...]
How much are yurts
Obviously this is a question as easy to answer as “how much does a car cost?” or “how much does[...]
Where to buy a yurt
Click here to get the complete list over yurt providers across the country. You will find details like description, an evaluation and contact details. All of which enables you to easily find the best match for you.
All the information you need on how to build a yurt
We have searched the Internet for hours and we have found all the information you need to start off and build a yurt. Sign up and we will send it to you.
How to buy a yurt
First an foremost you should of course have a clear idea of the purpose of the yurt. What kind of use are we going to make of it. It is very different to buy a small yurt for you backyard for you kids to play in, or a yurt to go camping with, from buying a yurt to use as an extra guestroom or to live permanently in, because many do exactly that.
What are yurts
Yurts are the traditional tent-like shelters used by the nomads of Central Asia. Well, actually the word yurt does not refer to the tent. Yurt embraces the camp place as a whole. The tent itself is called öy or ger. But as most of us in the west thinks of the tent when we use the word yurt, so we are going to stick with that here too.
How to buy a small log cabin kit
We don't all need a big mansion. In fact many of us prefer smaller, more affordable and easier maintainable houses. We have come to realize that working only to pay of debts and living from paycheck to paycheck is not as glamorous that it seemed when we sat on the outside of it looking in. Now that we are living that reality it is in fact only tiring.
Different types of inground pools
There are basically 3 types of inground pools and these are concrete pools, vinyl lining pools and fiberglass pools. Other terms that you may have heard or read, like gunite pool, ceramic pool, porcelain pool but are just commercial terms for variations of a concrete pool, a vinyl lining pool or a fiberglass pool.
Why would anyone want a steel home?
There are many considerations you might want to make before deciding whether to build a steel home over a regular wood or brick and mortar home. Also you may decide to go for just a steel frame home, or you could take it further and build a steel building home and cover the exterior walls and roof with steel sheets. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages.
Modular home and modular home floor plans
A modular home is a home that has been built in a factory facility under controlled conditions. The modern modular home floor plan does not have to differ much from a site-built house’s floor plan. Modern technology, improved techniques and planning has made this possible. Hence, there is no longer the old limitations of 10-15 feet wide rooms. You can build rooms as big and the ceilings as high as you want, it will just require better planning, more modules and yes more trucks for transportation.
Does swimming pool ionization systems work?
The question: Do pool ionization work? Is one that comes up quite regularly. The answer is that it depends upon what you expect it to do. If you expect a chemical free swimming pool, then the answer is no, it does not work. If you want to be able to reduce the amount of chemicals in your pool, then the answer may be yes.
The style of modern houses
The term “modern houses” is used to describe a certain style within architecture. More specifically the clean cut designs that some avant-garde architects started designing around the 1920. This style broke with the more traditional house designs and established building traditions up to that point.
Chlorine to saltwater pool conversion
n this article we are going to dive in and take a look at the chlorine to saltwater pool conversion. But we are also going to take a look at several aspects of the saltwater pool and talk about dealing with corrosion and other aspects to keep in mind when you have a saltwater pool. You see, there are some things with the saltwater pool that are necessary for the pool owner to know.
Causes and solutions for cloudy pool water
In this article we are going to deal with one of the most common problems with a conventional swimming pool (as opposed to a natural swimming pool). So, if you have found your pool water to be cloudy, the issue you are facing probably is, as you already must have suspected, an imbalance in the water. A well maintained swimming pool needs a proper balance between the following 4 factors: Chemicals, circulation, filtration and cleaning.
How to build a natural swimming pool
It actually is possible to be environmentally responsible and own a pool. You can minimize the impact by going for smaller splash pools, you can also go for a chemical free pool, or you can build a natural pool that not only gives you a pond to swim in, it actually gives back to the environment with its symbiotic relationship between plants and bugs, water and oxygen.
Design your own house
Nowadays it does not occur to people that you can design your own house. Many actually thinks that it is not possible and that is is not allowed to design your own house. However, it is possible and allowed. In fact it is not that long a go that people would just go ahead and build their homes when and how they needed it. It may not be that easy any longer, but lets see how it can be done. There are a few practical considerations and then off course rules and laws you will have to comply.
How to Buy Land for Building a Home
Buying vacant land and building your own home would not only expose you to how the real estate industry works, but also give you complete control over the home construction process including the type of house to build, the type of building materials to use and the landscaping features to incorporate. However, the process of identifying and acquiring the right piece of land may be difficult, especially if you lack industry expertise. So in this stripped down guide on how to buy land we will run through some of the main factors to consider when buying land for building a home.
How to build your own home
Humans, as most of the other creatures on earth, have a need for shelter. While the other creatures just go ahead and build their shelters without many hesitations. Humans have managed to complicate the matter immensely for themselves in a matter of decades. In this article we are going to give you some tips on how to build your own home in spite of this.
How to build a shipping container home
Humans, as most of the other creatures on earth, have a need for shelter. While the other creatures just go ahead and build their shelters without many hesitations. Humans have managed to complicate the matter immensely for themselves in a matter of decades. In this article we are going to give you some tips on how to build your own home in spite of this. Before you get to the part where you can actually put a shovel in the ground (if your home requires that) there are quite a few hurdles to overcome. One of these is finding and buying the appropriate land, and this will be the subject of a future post.
Why you should build a tiny house
What a tiny house is, depends on the eye of the beholder. In other words, your background and your expectations will dictate what tiny is for you. For example, some will say that a house of less than 400 sq ft (37m2) is a tiny house. But in the big European cities and also in many other parts of the world, that is not an unusually small apartment size, so yes it is small, but would perhaps not qualify as tiny.
Why choose prebuilt homes?
Maybe you are wondering if a prebuilt (pre built) home that has been produced on a production line can offer the same quality as a home crafted by craftsmen and women right there on the construction site. The long answer is that this of course depends upon the professionals that makes the home for you and the short answer is yes, it can.