Modular home and modular home floor plans

Modular home production floor

Signature Building Systems facilities

A modular home is a home that has been built in a factory facility under controlled conditions. The modern modular home floor plan does not have to differ much from a site-built house’s floor plan. Modern technology, improved techniques and planning has made this possible. Hence, there is no longer the old limitations of 10-15 feet wide rooms. You can build rooms as big and the ceilings as high as you want, it will just require better planning, more modules and yes more trucks for transportation.

So, a modular home is nothing more than a prefabricated home, where the parts come as modules, and are set together to form the home in a manner much like the Lego building blocks.

Another form of prefabricated homes are flatbed packed houses. These come, as the term indicates, packed flat like a the Ikea furniture does.

In both cases however, you would do wise in not trying to assemble the house yourself. Leave that to the professionals, as there are too many things that could go wrong here.

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Signature modular house

A Signature Building Systems being put in place

Some of the modular home providers will be able to help you with everything from preparing the site, to transporting the modules to you site, setting it up and do the finishing touches of electricity, plumbing etc, – a so called “turn key solution” with basically means that it is all ready for you to put in you key and move in.

This solution may initially seem like the most expensive one, both because you will see the whole shocking price of you home on one invoice, but also because it actually may be more expensive. However you will not have to worry about whether the foundation been prepared correctly, if the house have been securely joined or if the electrician is doing double work as he is not using the already prepared wiring.

You may prefer to shop some of the services elsewhere, to save some money. If so the company supplying you the modular house should be able to provide you with a list of competent and trusted contractors, if they cannot supply you with such a list then you should take your business elsewhere. You can of course also get contracted elsewhere but it is always better if the workers already have experience working with this particular modular house provider as that means that they will be able to work more efficiently.

A prepared foundation for a All American Modular house

All American Modular house

It is of crucial importance in the case of modular homes that the foundation is prepared accurately and is in perfect level or else the modules cannot be set as intended and hence delaying the process as corrections are being done. Also keep in mind that the foundation is prepared differently for different house providers.

The modular home prices will vary of course depending on the floor plans and the size you decide to go for and also of course there may be a variation in price depending on the supplier of the modular home.

You can generally expect to save about 10-20% on modular home floor plans compared to a site built home and a finish time in between 45-60 days. This is from start until complete assembly on site, which in some cases mean 90% finished. The finishing work (hooking up plumbing, finish takes about 2-3 more weeks. This gives you a move in ready home in approximately 3 months after contracting the modular home.

As we said in the beginning there is no longer any difference between the modular home floor plans and the site built home plans so any plan that serves for the latter, serve for the first. But often it is economically wise to start off finding a floor plan from a providers catalog that you like and have the manufacturer do adjustments to that until it fits you liking and needs.

Signature houses has an extensive catalog of modular house floor plans so it is a good place to start. Click here to check them out. And be sure to come back later as we will be adding to this section in the future.