How much are yurts

Obviously this is a question as easy to answer as “how much does a car cost?” or “how much does a house cost”. There are too many variables to be able to give a straight answer. A yurt may cost you anything from a couple of thousand dollars to a hundred thousand dollars and even more, depending on what you put into it.

- Once you have found what kind of yurt you want make sure to visit our complete list of yurt builders under on our page where to buy a yurt -

There are a lot of options out there and there are many ways that you get make a bargain and buy a first class yurt if you check out second hand yurts or sales from the yurt makers of yurts used for promotions. You can find really good buys on the second hand market, because many that initially thought they could live permanently in a yurt, found that they were not made for that. Hence the yurt may have been in storage most of the time.

Also, the price depends on what kind of yurt you need. A yurt for camping may be simpler and hence cheaper, while you would require more from a yurt meant for permanent living, specially in harsh climates.

So if we start at the very lower end of the price scale, you may get lucky and find a camping yurt for as little as 1500$ - 2000$. That would indeed be a lucky strike and your camping trips would never be the same again. There is a before and an after camping in a yurt.

First Price

For the lower price range of yurts, check these providers:

  • Clean Air Yurts
  • WeatherPort

Second hand

To look for second hand yurts check out:


Higher price range

If price is not an issue for you (it will be cheaper than any regular house anyway) and you want a yurt for permanent living be sure to check out Colorado Yurts, Rainier Yurts and the Pacific Yurts. These are the big guys in the industry. The yurts these companies offer are probably the priciest out there, but they also offer the best customer service and after sales support. In addition you would have any problem at all finding replacement parts, when and if needed. However, you would probably be looking at a starting point for the smallest and simplest yurt of about 6000$ - 8000$.

Yurt cabins

If what you are looking are yurt-like structures, meaning round wooden huts or houses, the starting price would be around 16000$. Take a look at the following providers:

Other companies to check out if yurt shaped structures are what you are looking for is and both are making beautiful buildings.

So, yes this is about as good an orientation as it is possible to give, because it all depends on what you want and what you can afford. As always. However bottom line, it will always be more affordable than a regular house, condo or flat, you can rest assured about that.