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Different types of inground pools
There are basically 3 types of inground pools and these are concrete pools, vinyl lining pools and fiberglass pools. Other terms that you may have heard or read, like gunite pool, ceramic pool, porcelain pool but are just commercial terms for variations of a concrete pool, a vinyl lining pool or a fiberglass pool.
Does swimming pool ionization systems work?
The question: Do pool ionization work? Is one that comes up quite regularly. The answer is that it depends upon what you expect it to do. If you expect a chemical free swimming pool, then the answer is no, it does not work. If you want to be able to reduce the amount of chemicals in your pool, then the answer may be yes.
Chlorine to saltwater pool conversion
n this article we are going to dive in and take a look at the chlorine to saltwater pool conversion. But we are also going to take a look at several aspects of the saltwater pool and talk about dealing with corrosion and other aspects to keep in mind when you have a saltwater pool. You see, there are some things with the saltwater pool that are necessary for the pool owner to know.
Causes and solutions for cloudy pool water
In this article we are going to deal with one of the most common problems with a conventional swimming pool (as opposed to a natural swimming pool). So, if you have found your pool water to be cloudy, the issue you are facing probably is, as you already must have suspected, an imbalance in the water. A well maintained swimming pool needs a proper balance between the following 4 factors: Chemicals, circulation, filtration and cleaning.
How to build a natural swimming pool
It actually is possible to be environmentally responsible and own a pool. You can minimize the impact by going for smaller splash pools, you can also go for a chemical free pool, or you can build a natural pool that not only gives you a pond to swim in, it actually gives back to the environment with its symbiotic relationship between plants and bugs, water and oxygen.